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I've always been good with numbers.

Even though I'm deep-diving in it all day, I know that the most important for you is information in data. While working I'm using the priciple of business impactful data, that help to boost your business and reach goals. If we meet either during training or I'll help you with the implementation we'll find the answers for simple questions „how" and „why". The nubmers themselves are just the tool.

I've started with Web Analytics at AVG Technologies, then I worked in the biggest czech agency h1.cz and currently in Mall Group, where I'm responsible for analytics on holding level. You can bribe me with smoky whisky and sour espresso. I'm based in Prague, Czech republic.

Pavel Brecik

How may I help you?

Google Analytics training

I lecture couple of time monthly people with various analytics knowledge. Both beginners and very advanced data users.

Measurement implementation

I have experience with implementation for various business size and complexity from multiple business fields.

Data analysis and its usage

I'll teach you how to leverage the data and how to include the data decision making in your company processes.


Filip Kahoun

Filip Kahoun

CEO - h1.cz

„Pavel is truly star of Web Analytics. I know a lot of analysts, but only couple of them can masterfully transfer data insights into business. I can highly recommend Pavel as your Web Analytics partner!“

Michal Gabriel

Michal Gabriel

Marketing Director - CZC.cz

„Pavel is an Analyst with years of practice. He won't let you sink in the data, but he interperets it and gives you the business solution or find the potential in it. He's not wasting time with empty phrases and goes directly to business core.“

Tomáš Jedlík

Tomáš Jedlík

E-commerce Analyst - T-Mobile Czech Republic

„Pavel helped us to move Web Analytics to world-class level. We highly appreciated his Google Analytics knowledge, proactive approach, reliabilty and quick oreientation in our busines needs.“

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I'm happy to design a Google Analytics training exactly by your needs and help you with measurement setup and Web Analytics.

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